Exciting Achievements

This week we’ve started celebrating together our achievements from both in school and out with and what wonderful achievements we have celebrated. Here is a little snapshot of our sharing.

We’ve moved up in our swimming, we’ve taken part in competitions and we’ve worked hard to learn new skills in gymnastics and on our bike and skateboard.
We’ve made cakes, we’ve worked hard to reach our goals and targets and we’ve worked hard and competed in competitions and made things we were scared we couldn’t .

What excellent Achievements P1. Well done!

A weekly round up

We’ve explore hitting and catching different objects this week. We even used the uni hoc sticks. It’s was very fun!

We’ve made some marvellous creations, helped mend some “broken” arms and enjoyed reading together.

We’ve created ribbon dances to Greatest Showman and even performed it for Mr Cook on his last day. We will miss playing and having fun with you Mr Cook.

We saw an amazing rainbow during P.e! It was so bright we couldn’t stop looking at it.

Plus we did many many more things which you can see on our early blog post.

Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week and we will be looking at emotions and helping one another.

Super STEM skills

This week, we have built on our creativity in creating different objects and after setting up a table with some plans, P1B were inspired to create their own plans and build and project manage their creations. Mrs Macaulay could not believe how amazing our skills and play is developing!&

Here are some of other creations from this week.

Here we have a house plan being drawn up using different symbols to share what was needed and we have a group building the house from the plan at the same time.
A den, a house, an eagle and a spaceship!

Sharing in our learning and QR Codes

This week your child will have taken home their Learning Record with their special Learning Journey sheets inside. It would be lovely for you all to share this with your child as they have been so excited to take them home. These Learning Journeys show their individual learning and how they have progressed throughout Term 1 and Term 2, with a Term 3 one to follow.

There is a small comment box on their Learning Journey to share your thoughts and feelings on their learning and to share achievements at home. If there is anything else you would like them to work on with regards to their next steps please also pop this on the sheet.

We also have QR codes on some of the sheets and writing pieces. If you are having any difficulty accessing this, on both an apple or android device you can download a free QR Reader app which looks like this

Or you can access it online via https://www.qrstuff.com/scan

Please let us know if you find any challenges in accessing this with your child at home.

QR Codes

This week, we explored our Learning Records and listened to our stories by scanning our QR codes. It was so exciting. We listened to each other’s stories and want to have more in our learning records so we can share our learning.

These will be in our book bags this week, we can’t wait to share these at home!

Roll Up Roll Up, it’s showtime!

Our Gruffalo Performance

This week and last week we’ve really become interested in retelling and performing. Last week, a group of children designed a show, posters for the show and created a ticket office for their performance of the Gruffalo. All the learners wanted to watch or take part. We had a camera crew at the front and front of house crew giving out sweets and cakes for the interval. Then they performed the story. The performance was amazing, and all the learners listened well and gave great praise when it was over.

Our Gruffalo Performance
We’ve written a new version of the Gruffalo.

This week, we had groups wanting to make their own and record it on the chrome book. This one had a panda who lives in a bamboo house and a frog living on a lily pad house.

Mrs Macaulay has loved seeing all this child led play! P1B you are amazing.

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