P1 Love PE

Every Thursday P1 get together for PE. Recently we have been looking at different ways to balance and building different sporting skills.

Here are a few photos of our obstacle course last week and our different skills based activities this week.

Obstacle Course
Skills, balancing, hula hoops, skipping.

Our Busy First Week

We explore the book Extra Yarn which encouraged us to make Pom poms and thread different shapes. We also found some mirrors and explore symmetry.
Some of us found some new cardboard and made our own structures. This castle was particularly impressive. Lots of team work displayed and creativeness.
We also all did PE together and explored how we can work together. We loved the parachute games.

M is for McDonalds

This week our learners wanted to make a McDonalds all fitted with a drive through, fryers, opening times, signage, staff and all the food you could eat. It was a fantastic learning opportunity for money, food preparation and roles within a workplace and it was all child led. Well done everyone!

This was Mrs Macaulay’s favourite part. Sectioning off food into baskets to be bagged in brown bags all with (small wooden stick) fries 🍟
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